Oasis Dental Care

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 & Click Dimensions

oasisimg14As the UK’s leading Dental Care organisations, Oasis is an exciting brand and forward thinking organisation. In late 2015, in an effort to reorganise the way they maintained contact with their patients, Oasis implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. However, the challenge of getting the most from their system remained.

That’s where xRM Consultant came in. Initially joining as a dedicated resource to the marketing department and then moving to within the IT Team, Joel worked with the team to
drive the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. A key element of this was streamlining the solution so that only the features being used would be available to users. Access to the service and some sales entities was removed. This dramatically improved the user experience and allowed users to focus simply on the critical tasks they were responsible for.

One of the key aims of the system for Oasis was to drive email marketing campaigns. The branding and messaging had to come together at the right clickdimensions-1moment so that the customer marketing experience was uniform. Customers needed to be get the right messages at just the right time to drive engagement. By helping Oasis to get the most from the marketing leading email marketing tool, Click Dimensions, Joel helped to build a series of automated campaigns that delivered messaging to Patients at key treatment milestones. In addition, Joel delivered national email engagement campaigns that along with the campaign automation functionality and subscription management allowed patients to manage which message channels they would receive and those they would not. Working in an Agile environment, project sprints were delivered on time and to a high quality.

Another key component was reporting. With such a large dataset, not all of which was held within Microsoft downloadDynamics CRM, obtaining useful business information was a challenge. By creating a series of dashboards and reports that also retrieved data from sources external to Oasis CRM, Joel empowered the users with information that was beyond that available to users out of the box.

The work carried out has now created a platform that allows users to analyse data within the system, create marketing campaigns and deliver tangible benefits to the wider business

I had the pleasure of working alongside Joel at Oasis on the Microsoft CRM project. Being new to the product Joel was very helpful in guiding me and bringing me up to speed around the basics of the inner workings of CRM. He has been a joy to work with and his cheery and upbeat personality can make even the gloomiest of days better! I wish him all the best with future roles and can say he will be an asset to any company he works for.

Navdeep Kumar

Agile QA Manager, Oasis Dental Care

I worked with Joel for the majority of my time at Oasis, and he was a very knowledgeable CRM expert, who communicated technical concepts clearly.

The project was delivered consistently ahead of schedule due to the speed and quality of his work. He is a positive problem solver who goes above and beyond to ensure the correct end result for the client.

I would highly recommend Joel.

Damian McGrath

CRM Project Manager, Oasis Dental Care